Immune Support Box
Immune Support Box

Immune Support Box

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The Immune Support Box is your botanical ally for seasonal wellness. This kit contains teas and other botanical products to help your body be strong and healthy.

Box Features

  • made with virus-fighting elderberries, immune-boosting echinacea, and other potent herbs that promote a healthy immune response
  • an herbal blend that was created to help break up mucus congestion in the chest and sinuses
  • tincture, a combo of antiseptic and expectorant herbs that support strong and healthy lungs
  • a botanical aromatherapy cleansing spray made with powerful essential oils in a base of ethyl alcohol and purified water

Supplies are very limited. 

COVID Update

Due to the high demand for this product, supplies are limited and may be subject to backorder. We promise to fulfill your orders for these as quickly as possible.

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